Literary Translations


“ones falling” by Brigitte Oleschinski, DIAPHANES, Issue 5, Fall/Winter 2018/19

Punctured Body is a Home, excerptby Gustavo Barrera Calderón, Two Lines, Issue 26, Spring 2017

Punctured Body is a Home, excerpt, by Gustavo Barrera Calderón, SAND, Issue 13, May 2016


“Your Mother in the Snow Doesn’t Look Back” by Patricio Pron, The Threepenny Review, Issue 154, Summer 2018

“The Story of the Hunter and the Bear #1” & “The Story of the Hunter and the Bear #4” by Patricio Pron, Two Lines, Issue 28, Spring 2018

The World Without People Who Ruin It and Make It Ugly” by Patricio Pron, The Brooklyn Rail, June 2017

“Record of Installation” by Nona Fernández, Chicago Review, Issue 60:3, Spring 2017

A Fence” by Patricio Pron, in Asymptote and The Guardian, Feb 2016

The Peculiar State” by Patricio Pron, Vintage Shorts, May 2015

A Raven on the Snow” by Patricio Pron, BOMB daily, Jan 2015

“One of the Last Things My Father Said to Me” by Patricio Pron, SubtropicsIssue 18, Fall 2014 

“The Narrative Mechanism” by Patricio Pron, Chicago Review, Issue 58.3/4, Summer/Fall 2014

Visiting the Master” by Patricio Pron, World Literature Today online, July 2014

“The Trip” by Patricio Pron, The Istanbul ReviewIssue 4, Winter 2014

“Haircut” by Patricio Pron, Hayden’s Ferry Review, Issue 53, Fall/Winter 2013

“Fish & Mountains” by Patricio Pron, Michigan Quarterly Review, Translation Issue, vol 52.2, Spring 2013

Bees” by Patricio Pron, GuernicaApril 2013