Current & forthcoming:

Dear Jesus” & “Big Easy Anthropology,” Diode, Vol. 13.1, Spring 2020

“You can have it all” & “I promise to be good,” jubilat, Issue 36, Spring 2020

“Collection & Identification,” Blackbird, Vol. 19.1, May 2020

“Coming Attraction,” “less like an object and more like the weather,” & “512 hours,Map Literary, May 2020

“We are happy on the isola are you are you,” Sonora Review, Issue 77, Summer 2020

“The Denby Sonnets [nos. 10-14],” Puerto del Sol, Summer 2020

“May be stopped there,” The Stinging Fly, Issue 42, Summer 2020

Previous publications:

pas de don’t,” DIAGRAM, Issue 19.4, September 2019

“How to Survive the Tragedy of Linear Time,” Forklift, Ohio, Issue 37, Spring 2019

“Please” [Blue is blue…], Colorado Review, Vol. 46.1, Spring 2019

Welcome to the Situation [Winterfeldtplatz Markt],” “Welcome to the Situation [Tempelhof Airport],” & “thermodynamics,” Electric Literature: The Commuter, No. 50, February 4, 2019

Please” [dear holy mothers…], Sixth Finch, Winter 2019

Fun fact,” Witness, Volume XXXI.3, Winter 2018/2019

“Rinascimaiale,” Barrow Street, Winter 2017/2018

Neutral Ground,” Visual Verse, Vol. 4.8, June 2017

“The Denby Sonnets [nos. 1-5],” Beloit Poetry Journal, Vol. 67.3, Spring 2017

Welcome to the Situation [Potsdamer Platz],” DIAGRAM, Issue 17.1, March 2017

Kegger in Georgi Balanchivadze’s Backyard,” The New Yorker, May 2, 2016

“Trump Card,” Hayden’s Ferry Review, Issue 58, Spring/Summer 2016

“Excuse My French Everybody in America,” Burnside Review, Vol. 12.1, Spring 2016

“Enrique Vila-Matas speaks,” FENCE, Issue 31, Winter 2016

“available memory,” The Cincinnati Review, Issue 12.2, Winter 2016

as long as we are here,” MAP – Media/Archive/Performance, Issue 6, Summer 2015

Fare le domande/Ask the question,” DIAGRAM, Issue 13.2, May 2013

Life in a Foreign Country,” “Statue of Limitations, I” & “aisotropes,” The Portland Review web, July-Aug 2011

think of the last bad novel you read read this you think of thisin Pear Noir! #6, Summer 2011

Vete a la porra” & “Vanity” in PANK 5, 2011

Tomato,” “Space between spaces,” & “Slap,” PANK, May 2010

a sum which is less than the whole of its parts,” elimae, April 2010

“Statue of Limitations, II,” Epiphany, Fall/Winter 2009-2010

In collaboration with Shrode Hargis:

“We are dealing with your request” & “Multiple Choice,” in They Said: a Multi-Genre Anthology of Contemporary Collaborative Writing, Black Lawrence Press, 2018

“Public House,” Third Coast, Issue 40/41, Spring 2016

Multiple Choice,” The Ilanot Review, Volume 11, Summer 2015

“Days these are my friends,” “Groundhog Day,” “Venn Diagram,” “Water Wings,” & “Piñata Baby,” Poor Claudia :: Phenome, Sept 2013