Summer events in Berlin with SAND journal:

Wednesday, June 14 at 8pm, Kathleen Heil is reading an excerpt from the short story “Bird in the Hand” as part of the Collective Love Story at Love Story of Berlin. “Bird in the Hand” will also be featured on The Other Stories podcast that same day, followed by an interview with Ilana Masad.

In July, Kathleen Heil will be teaching workshops on literary translation as well as writing and movement, the weekends of July 8/9 and July 22/23.


An excerpt in translation from Gustavo Barrera Calderón’s 2011 verse novel Punctured Body Is a Home is in the current issue of Two Lines, which also features work by Naja Marie Aidt translated by Denise Newman, Rodrigo Fresán translated by Will Vanderhyden, and Edoardo Sanguineti translated by Will Schutt. Click here for more info and to purchase Issue 26. 

Flash fiction for you in the current issues of two journals:

“Back when we still lived together” is in the special all-flash issue of Five Points, edited by Josh Russell and featuring new work by Nin Andrews, Stuart Dybek, Kim Chinquee, Michael Martone and more; click here for more details and here to subscribe.

“Nightlight Recon” is in the tenth anniversary issue of  NANO Fiction, which also features work by William Hoffacker, Meg Tuite, Charles Rafferty, and others. Click here for more info and to purchase the issue.