“You Disappoint Me,” forthcoming in FENCE

The Nose,” The Collagist [now The Rupture], Issue 96, April 2018

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“Nightlight Recon,” NANO Fiction, Issue 10.1, Fall 2016

Bird in the Hand,” Green Mountains ReviewIssue 29.1, Spring 2016

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Rollback,” The Barcelona ReviewIssue 85, Summer 2015

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Edification,” Quarterly West, Issue 84, Winter 2015

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Night. Good. Pretty.” First Prize, the 2010 Moleskin Travel Short Story competition in Spanish*

Tómala,” The Barcelona Review, número 67, Summer 2009*

Take It,The Barcelona Review, Issue 66, Spring 2009

[*] indicates a story written in Spanish / [*] señala un cuento escrito en castellano